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Nature’s Smile – Natural Solution To Gum Disease

Have you been dealing with gum disease for a while now? Do you feel like you’ve tried every possible treatment but nothing seems to work? There are many treatments available for gum disease, but many people are looking for a more natural solution. That’s where Nature’s Smile comes in!

Nature’s Smile may be the perfect solution for you if you are looking for a natural solution to gum disease. This herbal remedy is made with all-natural ingredients and has been shown to be highly effective in treating gum disease. In fact, many people have seen improvements in their gum health after using Nature’s Smile. It’s marketed as an alternative to periodontal surgery.

Keep reading to find out more about how it works and why so many people are choosing Nature’s Smile as their go-to solution for gum disease!

The Company:

Nature’s Smile is based in Miami, FL. The product is made in Sweden for over 50 years. The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on their product which makes it a risk-free investment. The ingredients in the product are also 100% natural, which is great for people with allergies or sensitivities.

The Company has a team of experts who are available to help you decide if the product is the right fit for your specific needs. If you’re not satisfied with the product for any reason, you can return it for a full refund.

The team at Nature’s Smile is passionate about their product and wants to make sure that you’re satisfied with your purchase. They’re available to answer any questions that you may have about the product.

The Product:

Nature's Smile

Nature’s Smile is a unique product that offers a variety of benefits for your oral health. The product contains all-natural ingredients (not less than seven different plants) which when combined offer exponential powers of bacteria-killing defense. The ingredients have been selected for their abilities to support gum health, tooth health, and overall oral health.


One of the key benefits of Nature’s Smile is that it helps to reduce plaque build-up. Plaque is a sticky film that coats your teeth, and if left untreated can cause cavities and other dental problems. The all-natural ingredients in Nature’s Smile help to break down plaque and keep your teeth healthy.

-Bad Breath:

The product also helps to reduce bad breath. Bad breath can be caused by a number of things, including bacteria build-up in your mouth. The natural ingredients in Nature’s Smile help to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath, leaving your mouth smelling fresh and clean.

-Sensitive teeth:

Nature’s Smile is also a great choice for people with sensitive teeth. The ingredients are gentle and will not cause any irritation or sensitivity.

There are no chemicals or other harsh ingredients so it’s safe to use every day. The product is a mouthwash plus a gum balm- two separate jars that work together synergistically.

So if you are looking for a product that can offer you a variety of benefits for your oral health, Nature’s Smile is a perfect choice. Click this link below to read more info about Where To Buy Natures Smile click here

Why do people need this product?

You see, the cause of gum disease is bacteria that collect in pockets and grooves in your teeth and start to erode away your gums. The traditional treatment is prevention. However, it is necessary to keep your teeth clean and get the plaque removed twice a year by a real dentist.

But for anyone who’s missed a few dentist cleanings over the years. Plaque can build up and start introducing bacteria more and more underneath your gum line (rather than just on the exposed areas of your teeth). That’s when the real misery begins and you’re suddenly a candidate for a root canal and other fun, expensive stuff.

This is also when you could be facing a root canal or even tooth implants. And you’re already experiencing bad breath and bleeding gums, for sure. Those are the signs of periodontal disease.

That’s where Nature’s Smile comes in. When you’ve reached the point where bacteria is eroding away your gums, this product not only gets way in there and attacks that bacteria, it also creates a shield that protects you against further bacterial damage. So you can avoid expensive and painful dental procedures.

Plus, it’s all-natural and has no harsh chemicals. You don’t even need to brush your teeth after using it. Just swish it around in your mouth for a minute or two and spit it out.

So if you’re looking for an affordable and effective way to get rid of gum disease, Nature’s Smile is the answer!

The ingredients

NS Ingredients

If you’re into natural ingredients, you’ll love the Nature’s Smile list of ingredients, as follows:

– Oak :

Gum disease can be combated with the use of oak, which is a natural herb that aids in the treatment of gingivitis. It contains anti-inflammatory and healing properties that aid in the reduction of bleeding, swelling, and tenderness of the gums. For hundreds of years, people have utilized oak in traditional medicines to treat gingivitis, oral infections, mouth sores, cold sores, and other dental issues including bleeding gums.

– Chamomile: 

Chamomile contains a glucose flavonoid called rutin that may help with inflammation and certain viruses that cause herpes simplex infections. Chamomile can also have antioxidant properties, which decrease oxidative stress on the cells and aid in the treatment of unpleasant dental problems including bleeding, recession, pain, and swelling gums.

It has a relaxing effect, which is good for your mouth. It’s also been used to treat toothaches and has been found to minimize bleeding and edema around a tooth. Nature’s Smile considers it part of its goal to keep excellent gum health.

– Silver Fir:

The ingredient Silver Fir (Abies balsamea) is a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial component in the Natures’ Smile treatment. It can aid in the reduction of inflammation and irritation while also destroying germs that cause gum disease. This product’s silver fir component also improves circulation, allowing for faster healing of any wounds or sores inside your mouth.

– Carotene extract from pine trees:

Carotene extract comes from pine trees, and it is a natural component of Nature’s Smile. The carotene extract can aid in the maintenance of good oral health. Carotene (found in carrots, pumpkins, paprika, and broccoli) has been shown to help combat harmful germs and plaque. Carrots, pumpkins, paprika, and broccoli are all rich in carotene.

– Yarrow:

Nature’s Smile includes the natural yarrow component, which promotes blood flow to help wounds heal faster. The plant has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce gum swelling and discomfort. It also combats dangerous plaque build-up in your mouth, which may lead to deadly illnesses. It is a very well-known herbal therapy.

– Greater Celandine:

Greater Celandine is a natural component of Natures’ Smile remedy that promotes tooth and gum health by reducing inflammation throughout the mouth, especially in places with inflamed or swollen tissues such as gingivitis. It can also aid in the eradication of bacterial infections like periodontal disease and prevent future seizures.

– Nettle:

Nettle root extract promotes healthy gums and teeth by enhancing tissue regeneration in the oral tissues that line your gums. This helps you get rid of foul breath and prevents tooth decay as well as gum disease. Nettle root extract also includes anti-inflammatory compounds, which may aid in the treatment of bleeding, receding gums, soreness, edema, tenderness, & other gum disease symptoms.

Active ingredient- Sodium Sodium monofluorophosphate:

The active ingredient in the product is Sodium monofluorophosphate (0.84%), which is another name for a type of fluoride. Tom’s of Maine, the natural personal products company, also puts this in their toothpaste, although at a lower concentration ().76%).

The National Institutes of Health indicates that Sodium monofluorophosphate is considered a specialty whitening and polishing agent and as a prevention against dental decay.

These ingredients have other positive side effects but I’ve kept the descriptions relevant to gum disease and the mouth. Basically what the product does is strengthen your gums so they can fight back against bacteria and grow back strong again.

The Verdict On Nature’s Smile

Nature’s Smile gets good reviews on Amazon, where it is currently unavailable for purchase. It’s debatable whether gums can grow back, but the natural ingredients do have a positive effect on red, swollen, diseased gums, according to lots of customer reviews.

At just under $25 for a jar of the gum balm that lasts one month, it’s a bit pricier than your ordinary toothpaste but then again it does much more than a tube of Crest. The oral rinse (mouthwash) costs the same for a one-month supply.

You get a discount for bulk orders- order directly from the company website to get those offers, which include deals like “buy 4 bottles, get 2 free”. There’s a toll-free number for questions and orders. Seems on the up and up.

All in all, Nature’s Smile seems like a trustworthy company with a great product. I’d recommend it to anyone with gum problems, and even those without– the ingredients are good for your teeth and gums in general.

So, if you’re looking for an all-natural way to combat gum disease and soothe your gums, Nature’s Smile is a great option. It may just be the solution you’ve been searching for….